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Kamis, 03 April 2014

Kalibrasi MEGURO Electronics MAK-6578A - 2-Channel Automatic Distortion Meter

The MAK-6578A is a remotely controllable automatic distortion meter that measures 400 or 1000Hz harmonic distortion and levels in the range 10Hz to 100kHz simultaneously on 2 channels.
Automatic frequency switching enables automatic frequency selection.
Also even for measurement of distortion of signal waveforms whose levels changes, full-scale calibration is not necessary, making the MAK-6578A ideal for applications requiring very high-speed measurement, such as production lines.
The MAK-6578A has a very-low 0.003% range among its distortion measurement ranges, enabling measurement of very-low distortion down to 0.001%.
Furthermore, back-up functions are provided so that the measuring conditions need not be set each time the power is switched on.


Low distortion can be measured (-100dB, 0.001%).
Automatic frequency switching enables automatic frequency selection.
2 channels are provided, enabling distortion (or level) measurements of 2 signals simultaneously.
Correct distortion can be measured even if the measurement level changes.
It is not necessary to set full scale levels.
The MAK-6578A can also be used a high-sensitivity level meter.
With back-up functions; Input and distortion ranges.


 Distortion measurement section
Measurement frequency range
(1)400Hz for THD
(2)1000Hz for THD
Frequency tuning rangeApprox. ±7% with respect to the measurement fundamental
Measurement range0.001 to 30% in 9 ranges
0 to 0.003% (input level 1Vmin.)
0 to 0.01% (input level 0.3Vmin.)
0 to 0.03% (input level 0.1Vmin.)
0 to 0.1% (input level 0.03Vmin.)
0 to 0.3%, 0 to 1%, 0 to 3%, 0 to 10%, and 0 to 30%
Input level range3mVrms to 100Vrms, 9 ranges
0.003 to 0.01V, 0.01 to 0.03V, 0.03 to 0.1V, 0.1 to 0.3V, 0.3 to 1V, 1 to 3V, 3 to 10V, 10 to 30V, and 30 to 100V.
Input impedanceApprox. 100kΩ, unbalanced
Input capacitance45pF max.
Automatic input control rangeApprox. 12dB
Accuracy±5% of maximum reading for all ranges.
±10% of max. Reading for 0.01%, 0.03%, and 0.1% ranges,and ±20% of max. Reading for 0.003% range.
Fundamental eliminationTHD band-elimination filter method
Fundamental elimination characteristics-80dB max. at ±3% Fo
-100dB max. at ±1% Fo
Output levelApprox. 1VrmsAC at max.
Reading in each range
Output impedanceApprox. 10kΩ

 Level measurement section
Measurement frequency ranges20Hz to 50kHz ±0.5dB (1kHz reference)
10Hz to 100kHz ±1dB (1kHz reference)
Measurement ranges9 ranges: 0.01 to 100Vrms f.s. in 1-3 sequence
Accuracy±3% of max. reading at 1kHz
Input impedanceApprox. 100kΩ unbalanced
Input capacity45pF max.
Level at Output connectorApprox. 1Vrms AC at max.
reading each range

 General Data
Operating temperature range0℃ to 40℃
Power requirements100, 115, 215, and 230 VAC ±10%, 50 / 60Hz
Dimensions & WeightApprox. 290(W)×160(H)×300(D), 7kg
Remote ControlRemote control function provided

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